Portrait of an elephant

Year of photo
Size (W x H)*

1,39 m * 0,93 m
2,09 m * 1,39 m
2,86 m * 1,91 m
4,29 m * 2,86 m

The majestic African elephant can be more dangerous than the Big Cats in the wild. They are extremely protective of their young and will charge quickly and with force enough to overturn a Land Rover (with or without the photographer in it!). They will give warning signs that begin with flapping the ears which can grow as big as 21 square feet. They communicate with over 70 different sounds, although we can hear only about half of them. They can live up to 70 years, however it is likely that our grandchildren will never see one in the wild, as they are currently being killed for their ivory at a rte of 1 every 15 minutes in East Africa.

*these are approximate dimensions and we cannot assure more accuracy than +/- 3%,
due to the textile nature of the product and the specific production process

Chris Dei

Chris Dei is an award-winning fine art photographer whose tribal and wildlife images echo the startling beauty of a disappearing world. Born in New York, Chris was originally trained in the field of classical music in the United States and Europe. She began her photographic career with an insider’s knowledge of performing artists and became highly sought after for her intimate portraits of artists in the New York area. In 2001, Chris made her first trip to Africa. When she arrived, she knew she had found her true calling. She fell in love with its people, its astonishing wildlife, and its vast primordial beauty. She became increasingly less engaged in studio work as Africa became her passion and her life’s mission.

One of the few Fine Art wildlife photographers in the world today, Chris’s work lifts the art of wildlife photography to new heights. When standing in front of one of her limited edition handmade prints, it is virtually impossible to tell if it was shot at the turn of the century or in this modern age. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Africa, and can be found in private collections on four continents in addition to being featured in the permanent art collection of the Bennington Center for the Arts and the Herlufsholm in Denmark.

She has won numerous awards in the most prestigious wildlife competitions in the world. Chris is an active member of the North American Nature Photography Association and a passionate advocate of environmental and wildlife conservation. In 2007 she was awarded a signature membership in Artists for Conservation– A highly selective and prestigious group of some of the most renowned wildlife and nature artists in the world. Her work in Kenya and Tanzania continues to receive international attention and wide critical acclaim.

see also https://chrisdei.com/