Wall covering centerpieces

Wall covering centerpieces

The grandeur of the Middle Ages is particularly evident in a wall covering centerpiece. The size of a formidable tapestry immediately produces a sense of connection to the days when castles and fortresses were adorned with numerous tapestries that together told a tale. A tapestry is one of the few works of art that covers an entire wall. The majestic effect of such artwork maintains a sense of warmth thanks to the intrinsic softness of wool.

You can enjoy the same advantages of yesteryear -the warmth of wool and improved acoustics- while enjoying the grandeur and story told by the image. Woven art is beautiful, exquisite and impressive, especially in large spaces with contrasting materials like concrete, wood or marble. It inspires a slowing down, a pause, the urge to take a moment to look and reflect. This Zen aspect is inherent to the medium itself and has a considerable impact in, e.g., lobbies or large open office spaces.

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