Woven art
Let's get technical

Textile composition

  • 76% Merino wool
  • 14% cotton
  • 10% Trevira-cs (warp yarns)

Density of the fabric

  • Warp yarns:
    • 50 threads/cm
    • 2 colours (light gray and dark gray, trevira-cs)
  • Weft yarns:
    • 114 threads/cm
    • 12 colors (11x wool, 1x cotton)

Color Fastness

Our yarns are dyed to get the highest color fastness value - which differs depending on the yarn material and color shade - optimized for light resistance, to the detriment of water resistance.
So our tapestries are more resistant to light than to water.
Nevertheless, we discourage to permanently hang them on direct sunlight.
Although the tapestry is not meant to be submerged in water, it resists very well steaming - if possible done on its back.

Weight of the fabric

1.16 kg/m²


Our wall tapestry's

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