Secret Harmonies 6

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Où le végétal, l’animal et l’humain se confondent…
"… toutes les parties de la nature,même les plus disparates au premier coup d’oeil, se rattachent entre elles par une foule d’harmonies secrètes,.. qui font du grand tout un inextricable réseau vivant."
--- Victor Hugo ”Voyage de 1843, Pyrénées.”

Where the plants, animals and humans merge ...
" ... All parts of nature, even the most disparate at first glance, are linked together by a crowd of secret harmonies, .. that make an all great tangled web of life."
--- Victor Hugo " Travel 1843 Pyrenees."

*these are approximate dimensions and we cannot assure more accuracy than +/- 3%,
due to the textile nature of the product and the specific production process

Donatella Bianchi

Donatella Bianchi is an artist with Italian roots, living in Belgium and France. She has a photographic memory and creates stories of scenes in natures. These images are based on trees and the beauty in it. See more of her work at