Once a traveller,
always a traveller

Year of photo
Size (W x H)*

2,38 m    * 1,39 m
2,86 m    * 1,67 m
4,90 m    * 2,86 m

The children saw the face of Prince Charming whenever they were alone by the river. "The birds saw it too!", they would shout, while their parents would smile and walk away.

*these are approximate dimensions and we cannot assure more accuracy than +/- 3%,
due to the textile nature of the product and the specific production process


Afsoon is an Iranian born, London based artist. Occident and Orient coexist in her works which are multi layered and often combine text with images, using various media such as linocuts, photography, collage and etching. The results are rich and playful tableaux. She returns emotionally to her motherland via her work, which results from painstaking research into her chosen subject matter. Her works have been extensively exhibited and are found in prominent collections and in museums including The British Museum and Berger collection, among others. See more of her work at www.afsoon.co.uk