Zaal van Roudabeh

Year of photo
Size (W x H)*

1,16 m * 2,86 m
1,39 m * 3,44 m
2,86 m * 7,08 m

This series is based on three stories from the epic book of poem SHAHNAMEH (The Book of the Kings) by the great Persian poet Ferdowsi . The poems are partly historical and partly mythical and play a big part in Persian identity.
I have chosen the birth of Zal and his childhood spent in the nest of the mythical bird Simourgh. The second piece is the love between Zal and Rudabeh and in my last piece I was influenced by how their son Rustam meets Tahmineh and their one night of love.

*these are approximate dimensions and we cannot assure more accuracy than +/- 3%,
due to the textile nature of the product and the specific production process