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Chris Dei is an award-winning photographer whose tribal and wildlife images offer penetrating insight to the perfection, balance and beauty of a quickly disappearing world. Originally trained as a classical pianist in the U.S. and Europe, she brings a lifetime of experience, insight and creativity to her work. She's a highly sought after photographer for portrait work as well.

The way Chris describes taking a picture " Thought slows down, boundaries melt and there enters a profound stillness where everything disappears. I have never found words adequate to convey the timelessness of that moment. Only Silence. And the experience can only be partially relayed by the image that results. I’m simply a vehicle. The essence comes from somewhere else that really…I have very little to do with."

She is a passionate advocate of environmental and wildlife conservation. Her work, the detail, the structure in nature that she can capture so wzll, makes it ideal to revive in tapestry.

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